Knights of the Lion

The knightly order of Gwyneth, the Lions are named for the Lion Throne of Albion. They resent savage empire of the Lion Kings being called such, but as they don’t have much sway on public opinion outside New Gwyneth they can’t do much but share heraldic beasts with the jungle lords.

Knighs of the Lion swear the Five-Fold Oath and are closely aligned with Law. As a group they seek to outdo each other in feats of arms and deeds that protect the people of New Gwyneth, as long as those deeds involve killing and enhance the reputation of the knight.

The Knights of the Lion have their mother-house in New Gwyneth. They have chapterhouses in other lands as well. The largest chapterhouse is in Haven, where they protect New Gwyneth’s diplomats and provide basic aid to citizen travelers.

Due to a confrontation some hundred years ago, Knights of the Lion and Knights of the Swan will not work together. When given in public they will each undermine the other and seek to provoke a duel under the laws of the land they are in.

Knights of the Lion

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