Blood, gold, and death in the Three Kingdoms

Two hundred years ago the New World was discovered. A vast continent across the Perils Ocean from the Old World. Gold was discovered, as were barbaric native kingdoms that had fallen from a past grandeur. To the dour men of Glorianna Althlond, ViejopaĆ­s and Avencal this new world seemed an answer to their more worldly prayers. Each of the old kingdoms was quick to claim lands and send armies to carve out holdings in the New World.

Three centers of power quickly arose in the New World. Three Crown Colonies that fought the savages and worked to exploit the land for the glory (and purses) of their parent kingdoms. Ships sent gold, iron and tobacco back to the Old World. The Old World sent back peasants, exiles, and guns.

Then the ships stopped coming from the Old World. The ships that were found had dead crews or skeletons manning the ropes. In the wake of whatever doom overtook the Old World, the three colonies declared themselves Three Kingdoms. And with that, a new age of mankind began.

Perhaps its final age.


Swords of the Fire Witch

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